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Monday, September 04, 2006


Green Sea Shipbuilding Establishment
The Parent site of I.Y.O.A.

This will take you to the scale boat forum of the site.

Tower Hobbies
A great place to get the stuff you need to make your boat run.

This will take you to the warship combat forum of the site.

1/10 scale Yamato at Yamato Museum
Not the official Yamato Museum site, this is a tour of the legendary 86-foot model of the Yamato! The king of all Yamato models!

Model Warship
A dizzying array of photo galleries featuring model warships. Go there and see how it's done!

Battleship Yamato (Wikipedia)
The Wikipedia page on the Yamato. A good online summary of her history.

Battleship Musashi (Wikipedia)
The Wikipedia page on the Musashi. The fairer of the sisters of course!

The iconic battleship of perhaps all time. The ultimate online resource for ANY battleship I have ever seen! Wish they had something like this for the Yamatos.

  • World Yamato Home

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